3D Web Camera (0.7 PP)

5,000.00 4,500.00

Description for use

once the laptop webcam is connected well with the program, you hold the web cam on the screen with its clamp towards the image you wan to to capture, manually adjust the focus by rotating the lend and then turn on the light you like. The resolution is quite acceptable for chatting, a greater advantage is that you can adjust the sharpness of image and intensity of light provided by 4 leds.The video is captured in hd, while the photographs are made with a resolution of 5 mega pixels.

Key features

interface:usb 2.0

focus:manual focus

range of images:30 cm

best distance for taking pictures:40cm

support system:windows 7/8/xp2/vista(except mac)


sku: ch444ea0k0srqnafamz

color: black

main material: na

model: cs-3dw303

product line: luxury mart

weight (kg): 0.5


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