Is Pinnacle a ponzi scheme?

No, ponzi schemes are fraudulent and illegal. Ponzi schemes do not sell any products or services, they simply ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’. Pinnacle markets her inspiration products (that comprises books, computer and phone accessories, pure honey, food items, daily needs etc.) and rewards members from the profit made on sales. At Pinnacle, we love Peter as much as we love Paul!

How much is the cost of registration on Pinnacle?

Registration on Pinnacle equates buying any of our products equal to or accumulated to equal 1.0 PP (Pinnacle Points) or more. Our convenience inspiration product packs consists of 3 e-books worth 3.0 PP for NGN 3000, 2 e-books worth 2.0 PP for 2000 and 1 e-book worth 1PP for 1000. Buying our products automatically qualifies you for bonuses from purchases of up to 12 generations of downlines totaling over NGN80 million minus referral bonuses. An ePin equal to the PP accumulated is required for registration.

What is a Pinnacle Point worth?

Pinnacle Points (PPs) are the value with which compensations are calculated on Pinnacle. 1 PP is equal to NGN 1000

How do I get an ePin for registration?

Contact us via Whatsapp or call on +2348162679440 or +2348143939492 or via email: support@pinnacleit.com.ng, pinnacleinspirationtechnology@gmail.com

Do members have to sell products?

No, members are only expected to refer people to buy our products and or register in order to earn bonuses. Members may however choose to buy our products and sell for extra profit or acquire bulk ePins in order to serve their networks as quickly as possible.

How many referrals is a member mandated to have?

Every member can have a maximum of three (3) referrals, if a member’s username is used as sponsor which is required during registration) to register after they already have 3 referrals, the new member will drop under one of the first 3 referrals.

Who is a sponsor?

Your sponsor is the person who referred you or from whom you heard about Pinnacle. If perchance you do not have one, please contact us